Exploratory Movement 

Children will be introduced to movement activities where they learn to explore their own capabilities and limits while in the safety of a gym. Very basic gymnastics ...

Adventure Agility Challenge

‚ÄčAges 5 - 14 years

Students will focus on the acrobatic elements of gymnastics, martial arts, and parkour.  The class will incorporate strength and agility training via obstacle course challenges.  

Recreational Developmental gymnastics 

Ages 5 - 14 years

Each developmental gymnastics class curriculum will be based on the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program, which was developed with the belief that all athletes must have a solid foundation of basic skills ...


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Ages 9 years - high school

Students will learn basic tumbling fundamentals to build into stronger tumbling skills.  The classes will focus on drills that will improve skills, form, and body positions.

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