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Each developmental gymnastics class curriculum will be based on the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program, which was developed with the belief that all athletes must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely.  The skills taught in the developmental levels progress toward skills that are incorporated into competitive level gymnastic routines in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program.

Gymnastics Level I Introduction/Beginners:

This class is an introduction to the basic fundamentals of gymnastics using all apparatuses: vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline.  Students will focus on building strength, flexibility, body awareness, and body control.  Basic dance, jumps, and moving to music will also be introduced as skills are developed.  Some of the basic skills students will begin learning are:

  • forward and backward rolls
  • cartwheels and round-offs
  • backbend and bridge kick-overs
  • pull-overs and casts on bars
  • balance walks and jumps on beam
  • and more!

 Gymnastics Level II Intermediate:

This class builds on basic gymnastic skills previously mastered.  Proper skill progressions enhance the students’ body awareness and enable them to take the skills they have learned to the next level of difficulty.  They will begin to learn skill connections along with basic dance by creatively moving to music.  Strength and flexibility play an important role in the class.  Students will transition into learning skills such as:

  • bridge kick-over and back walk-overs
  • step skip round-offs
  • back handsprings with a spot
  • chin-up pull-overs on bars
  • cast back-hip circles on bars
  • balance kicks and turns on beam
  • and more!

 Gymnastics Level III Intermediate/Advanced:

Students will continue to build onto the skill progression mastered in previous classes.  Proper technique and body positions are emphasized as skills increase in difficulty.  Strength, balance, and flexibility continue to play an important role in the class. Students will begin to learn basic routines that incorporate the gymnastics, dance, and tumbling skills learned.  They will move ahead learning skills such as:

  • front walkovers
  • back handsprings
  • round-off back handsprings
  • glides on bars
  • front mill circles on bars
  • handstands on beam
  • and more!