Parent/child:  18 months-2 years

Children will be introduced to movement activities where they learn to explore their own capabilities and limits while in the safety of a gym.  Very basic gymnastics skills will be presented, but the major focus will be on gross motor skill exercises and social development as they learn to roll, jump, swing, balance, share, take turns, and move to music. This class allows a child to have practice listening to another adult while still supported by a parent or other caregiver.

It is also an opportunity for parents to work together with their child and positively reinforce the skills the child is learning and developing.

Preschool:  3-4 yrs.

The preschool-age class focuses on basic skills and fundamentals of gymnastics on all apparatuses: vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline.  Students will be instructed via a course of stations in order to learn skills through repetition and gain body awareness.  Strength, flexibility, coordination, and gross motor skill exercises, including creative movement with music, will be incorporated into the structure of the class in a fun learning environment.

Children will learn to listen and follow simple instructions and work together in a group by taking turns, enhancing social skills as well as cognitive and sensory development.

Exploratory Movement

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